From my hands.



Love Story 2

The woman I loved the most. Thank you.

I know I didn't deal with the break up very elegantly and
I'm sorry for some of the things I said.

The truth is that you have been
wonderful to me. Never before in my life (and I'm a grown up man)
someone gave so much to me.

I still miss you terribly some days.
But I'm also starting to smile remembering certain things we did together.

I'm not checking your fotos or your blog these days, (I don't have the strength )
and we are not talking,so I don't know anything about your present life.

But I wish you well.
I know you'll shine because you have the light in you
and you are one of the most brilliant people I ever met.

And one of the bravest, too:
you crossed the planet for a complete stranger when you were only 23!
How courageous is that?!

I know you took the right decision.
I didn't have the will to start my life again in perth
and I will probably regret that for the rest of my life.

I always tried my best,
though and when I didn't know what to do I tried to learn.

Because I always wanted to love you the best I could
and in that process I learned a lot.
About life, love and about myself too.
But sometimes life slaps you in the face.
" Wake up!
it' not all about good intentions." ,she seems to say.

I know time will play its part.
And the pain will subside.

And we will have full complete lives again.

You only gave me love.
You were my diamond.
And my best friend.

It was a wonderful and very special part of my life.

My favorite so far.

Thank you!


Life is not just beautiful moment sometime going to super complicate way,
The relationship is also... People get lost a way from too many way they can chose.

When we realize the Life is not always easy and not alwas happning that i want.

All Love for my Precious....

How can i get right reaction for that time, in fact Who knows what is right?

Feeling and reality
Angel and devil
Right or left ?
Love turning hate?
Time makes better situation?

Whats all about?